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According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible
by Graeme Goldsworthy

The massive diversity and complexity of the Bible can make it a daunting project for anyone to tackle. Getting a grasp on the unity of the Bible, its central message from Genesis to Revelation, helps immensely in understanding the meaning of any one book or passage. That is the goal of this book by Graeme Goldsworthy.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuary

Understanding the Bible isn’t for the few, the gifted, the scholarly. The Bible is meant to be read and comprehended by everyone. A few essential insights can clear up a lot of misconceptions and help you grasp the meaning of Scripture and its application to your 21st-century life.


Desiring God
by John Piper

Scripture reveals that the great business of life is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever. In this paradigm-shattering work, John Piper reveals that the debate between duty and delight doesn’t truly exist: Delight is our duty. Join him as he unveils stunning, life-impacting truths you saw in the Bible but never dared to believe.

Don’t Waste Your Life
by John Piper

In this provocative work John Piper challenges us to set aside the trivial pursuit of self-fulfillment so that we can develop a deeper passion for God. Piper believes that if we passionately submit the sufferings we endure, the risks we take, and the goals we set to the pursuit of God’s glory, then not one moment of our lives will be wasted. Don’t miss this opportunity to rekindle your passion for the cross of Christ and the glory of God.

Gospel-Driven Sanctification
by Jerry Bridges

Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that God’s acceptance of you and his blessing in your life depends on how well you are living the Christian life? As Christians, we know that we are saved by grace, but do we fully understand that we also live for Christ by grace?

In this article, Jerry Bridges suggests that the Christian community is largely a performance-based culture today and he challenges us to think through what we may unconsciously believe regarding our need for the gospel.

Gospel Powered Parenting
by William P. Farley

Bill Farley’s book on parenting is grounded upon the all-sufficiency of the Word of God and the Gospel of grace. Here is Jonathan Edward’s theology made accessible to depraved parents raising depraved kids in a depraved world. This is a parenting book full of hope, hope grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (taken from a editorial review by Douglas Bond)

Knowing God
by J.I. Packer

J. I. Packer’s Knowing God has become a classic of the Christian faith. Why? While it gives us information about God with clarity and grace, it does much more—it aids us in actually knowing him, in building our relationship with him, and helps draw us closer to him in love and worship.

Love Beyond Reason
by John Ortberg

How do you explain a love that has no explanation? What will happen if you let it touch your heart? God loves you neither because you’re flawless nor because you’re perfect, but just because you are. In Love Beyond Reason, John Ortberg reveals the God you’ve longed to encounter: a Father head over heels in love with you, his child, and intensely committed to your highest joy. After exploring how this love has been revealed through Jesus, you’ll learn how you can love your family, friends, and the world around you with the same transforming love. Dispelling your fears and misconceptions of God, Love Beyond Reason brings you face to face with the love of God that frees and empowers you to love.

The Mark of the Christian
by Francis Schaeffer

In our era of global violence and sectarian intolerance, the church needs to hear anew the challenge of this book. Decades ago Francis Schaeffer exhorted, “Love–and the unity it attests to–is the mark Christ gave Christians to wear before the world. Only with this mark may the world know that Christians are indeed Christians and that Jesus was sent by the Father.”

More than ever, the church needs to respond compassionately to a needy world. More than ever, we need to show the Mark.

Parenting by the Book
by John Rosemond

Raise the standard for raising kids! Considered among America’s most widely read parenting experts, nationally syndicated columnist and psychologist Rosemond presents practical principles for nurturing children of character. Arguing that respect for others – rather than self-esteem – guarantees happier, more emotionally healthy kids, he lays out a simple, Bible-based model for successful child rearing.

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World
by Paul Miller

Shepherding a Child’s Heart
by Ted Tripp

Many parenting books are based on hit-or-miss theories steeped in secular thinking. This one draws from Pastor Tripp’s seasoned experience as a father-and from God’s Holy Word. Grounded in the Bible’s divine plan for parenting, this guide defines your goals as a parent and provides the Scriptural methods for accomplishing them.

The Transforming Power of Prayer
by James M. Houston

How we pray is deeply determined by how we perceive God. But no matter how we see God, prayer is something that seems to come only with difficulty. We tend to view prayer as a rigorous discipline or a required spiritual exercise. Houston wants us to see that prayer is simply keeping company with God.

The Transforming Power of Prayer closely examines the true nature of prayer and helps us view prayer not as a dreary exercise or a skill to be mastered, but as a valuable chance to deepen our friendship with God-and be transformed in the process.

Undefiled: Redemption from Sexual Sin, Restoration for Broken Relationships
by Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg

Amid the chaos of cybersex, impersonal sex, adultery, homosexuality, and sexual dissatisfaction in marriage, Undefiled calls readers toward a new kind of spiritual and sexual revolution. Sexual impurity creates a vicious circle, one that springs from misconceptions about Christ and further taints our understanding of Him. Yet another circle is available to men and women trapped in sexual sin, a circle of sexual redemption.

When practiced as God intends, spirituality and sexuality both draw us closer to Christ. Spiritual maturity and sexual maturity go hand-in-hand, and together they hold out the promise of redemption and restoration needed by everyone who has been damaged by sexual sin.

There is hope. Real change is possible; true intimacy is available. To the person who has failed time and time again sexually, God’s message is simple: You, too, can be undefiled.


The Centrality of the Gospel
by Tim Keller

In this paper Tim Keller discusses the implications and applications of living our lives “in line with the truth of the gospel.”

Chosen by God
by R.C. Sproul

Tackling the subject of predestination, Sproul argues that it paints a portrait of a loving God who provides redemption for radically corrupt humans, rather than that of a whimsical or spiteful Lord. Point by point, he examines Scripture and discusses God’s sovereignty, the problem of evil, human freedom, and the task of evangelism.

Concise Theology
by J.I. Packer

Brief, easy-to-understand chapters offer precise descriptions without sacrificing depth. Thoughtfully arranged and refreshingly readable, this is a book that belongs on the shelf of every Christian.

The Holiness of God
by R.C. Sproul

Sproul’s classic offers an accessible exploration of history and Scripture that will help you understand—and live with—the tension between God’s terrifying holiness and his inexplicable grace.

The Holy Spirit
by Sinclair Ferguson

“While his [the Holy Spirit’s] work has been recognized, the Spirit himself remains to many Christians an anonymous, faceless aspect of the divine being.” In order to redress this balance, Ferguson seeks to recover the who of the Spirit as much as the what and how. Ferguson’s study is rooted and driven by the scriptural story of the Spirit in creation and redemption.

Mere Christianity
by C.S. Lewis

Arguably the 20th century’s most influential Christian writer, C.S. Lewis sought to explain and defend the beliefs that nearly all Christians at all times hold in common. His simple yet deeply profound classic, originally delivered as a series of radio broadcasts, is a book to be thoroughly digested by believers and generously shared with skeptics.

Ministries of Mercy: The Call of the Jericho Road
by Tim Keller

Some lay blame for poverty and need on oppression; others on laziness. Pastor Keller demonstrates that the biblical viewpoint is far more sophisticated than either extreme. He sets forth scriptural principles for mercy ministries, suggests practical steps to begin and persevere in active caring, and deals perceptively with thorny issues. Includes discussion questions.

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity
by Nancy Pearcey

Does God belong in the public arena of politics, business, law, and education? Or is religion a private and personal matter only? Pearcey challenges 21st-century believers to overcome our cultural double-mindedness and learn to “think Christianly” about secular topics. The included study guide offers practical hands-on steps for crafting an illuminated, faith-based worldview.

The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes
by G.I. Williamson

An unsurpassed summary of biblical truth, the Westminster Confession of Faith should be familiar ground to people of Reformed and Presbyterian conviction. For decades, G.I. Williamson’s guide to the confession has been an invaluable resource toward that end.

What is the Reformed Faith?
by J.R. deWitt

The great hallmarks of the Refomed faith are explained- the centrality of the Bible; the sovereignty of God; the wonder of grace; the quality of the Christian life; the place of the law and the gospel; the biblical view of the world; the importance of true preaching.


Infant Baptism
by John P. Sartelle

Shows why the children of believers are special in God’s sight and what it means for them to be baptized.

Why Do We Baptize Infants?
by Bryan Chapell

Presents the biblical support for infant baptism.